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About Sharon Henderson



"I was born in Goose Creek, South Carolina to the proud parents of seven children.  I have been married for 24 years and blessed with four children and three grandchildren.  I learned early on from humble beginnings the value of hard work, team-work and perseverance."






"I entered the ministry in the year of our Lord 1989 as one of the youngest female pastors in the state of SC. During my 28 years of dedication as pastor, coming up through the ranks, it has afforded me honor to the office of Bishop in 2005.  With academic and administrative leadership abilities have given me the privilege to organize community charity-based assistance programs for those in need.  Simultaneously, I worked in the banking and finance institution for 31 years since 1979. This included Management, Budgetary Counseling, Investments for large corporations and Mortgage Servicing. I was awarded the Sustained Superior Performance Award and the Award of Excellence in Banking.

Later in my life, finishing my pursuit of higher education, I graduated from Charleston Southern University in 2015, with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.  

It is my sole desire to serve as your voice in the State House. A voice that echoes your concerns, a voice that matters, a voice that genuinely cares."

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